HDi Microblading

HDi Microblading

HDi Microblading

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HDi Microblading Training

With our LashForever Canada Certified Brow Educators, learn all things Microblading!

Program Details 

  • Three Days, In depth, Hands on Training with our Beauty Certified Trainers
  • Live Demo completed by Trainer
  • 2 In person Models completed under instruction of Trainer
  • Full Professional kits to get you up and running in your new business

Kit Contents:

  • Artliner Permanent Makeup Brow Pigments/3ml/Black
  • Artliner Permanent Makeup Brow Pigments/3ml/Medium Brown
  • Artliner Permanent Makeup Brow Pigments/3ml/Monroe
  • Flexi Brow Scissors
  • Hdi Brow Tweezers 
  • HDi Embroidery Brow Blades #7
  • HDi Embroidery Brow Blades #9
  • HDi Embroidery Brow Blades #U18
  • Zensa Topical Numbing Cream
  • Student Textbook 
  • Large Premium Practice Pads by Lashforever Canada
  • Micro Swabs
  • Brow Caliper
  • Plastic Ink Cup
  • Stainless Steel HDi Brow Microblading Manual Pen
  • Surgical Marker
  • Wax Pencil
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HDi Microblading
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